Daily routines

 The main entrance is on Hermitage Wall and it is opened at 8.45 am. Zoe, our Headteacher and Patric, our Premises Manager, are usually at the gate to welcome you to the school.The bell is rung at 8.55 and children should be in class at that time, ready to start learning at 9.00 promptly. All classes have early morning work as the register is being taken- it may be handwriting, maths activities, fit in five, or checking comments that teachers have written in their marking.

If your child is late, it disrupts their learning, and also that of the other children.


What happens when?

8.00 Breakfast Club- breakfast is served until 8.30;last admission to breakfast club 8.45

8.55 School starts

10.15 Assembly

10.30 - 10.45 Morning break

11.30 Early years lunch

12.15 - 1.15 Lunch break

2.15 KS1 break

3.30 School ends

3.30-4.30 After school clubs

5.45 play centre ends