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Aims and Priorities

What do we want to improve in our school?

Every year, the school thinks hard about what we need to do to make Hermitage a better and more effective place for children to learn and grow

We get feedback from parents, governors and most importantly, children and we look carefully at all the data and information we have gathered that tells us about our children and their learning. From this information, we write our school development plan.

In 2017-18 we have four main priorities:

Firstly, although all our children have higher achievement that most children nationally, there is a gap in achievement in the school between those children who receive the pupil premium and the children that don't receive the premium. We want to make sure that we close the gap by ensuring that every child in every class has outstanding teaching, so that are children are enthused and engaged by what they are learning, are guided to reflect on their learning through feedback and thus make really good progress. We also make sure that the interventions that are run by our highly skilled learning assistants are effective at helping children to make swift progress.

Secondly, we want to develop our children's skills in reading and writing consistently throughout all areas of the curriculum. Our enriched, creative curriculum supports this, whilst maintaining its successful, personalised outcomes that are matched closely to the needs and interests of the children at Hermitage.

Thirdly, we are looking at the teaching of Maths throughout the school, to make sure that each lesson progressively develops mathematical skills, knowledge, reasoning and problem solving.

Finally, as we grow in size, we want to make sure that the building and the way we organise the staffing and resources ensures that we a school that is fit for learning in the 21st century.

We always work hard to improve attendance at Hermitage, and we want all members of the school community to support us in achieving our aim of matching the national attendance target of 96% by attending school every day, and on time. We expect all holidays to be taken within school holidays!