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Early Years


Dear Nursery friends and families,

Today marks the last day of the Spring Term and the beginning of Easter Holidays. On behalf of the Nursery Team (Deka, Shaina, Fatema), I would like to wish you a lovely (indoor) holidays. We hope everyone is safe and staying at home. I wanted to say hello to all my wonderful friends, Hello friends!

Deka sends her best wishes and she says she well, she misses all of you and she hope you are still practising cosmic yoga at home. Shaina is missing you all and she hopes you are doing good learning at home and staying safe. Fatema says she is missing you all and she is learning about amazing animals from around the world. 

As for me, Asiah, I miss my nursery friends, too, and I miss our learning journey together. I am currently in the school as I write this email to you since the school is only open for the key workers' children. During this lockdown, I have been cooking at home a lot which has been a challenge because I am not a natural cook. I have also been doing yoga for an hour at home. I am following Yoga with Adriene because she has a cute doggie with her, and much like Deka, I hope my nursery friends are doing yoga at home. 

Remember to keep practising your name everyday just like we did at school- you can do so in your home learning book. You were amazing at persisting and trying your best so keep it up because as you all know... practice makes progress! I've also enrolled myself in a few online courses and started two courses- one is called the Bilingual Brain- do you know what bilingual means? Bilingual is someone who speaks two languages, so I am bilingual because I speak Arabic and English. Can you think who else is bilingual in our nursery team? 

If you need to get in touch please do so through the office - We are still virtually available. Keep safe and stay inside and hope to see you all again sooner than we all think.

Sending best wishes, Asiah


Reception 1 - Mycroft Class

Hi Mycroft Class!

I hope you are all having an amazing Easter break, staying safe at home and doing lots of fun activities with your family. This is an excellent time to think about how much progress you all have made and I am very proud of all your hard work and achievements! You have all learnt phonics and can now read and spell words independently, you can count and even add and take away! You are all amazing learners and I hope you will take this time to continue learning to show me your fantastic work when you are back! I hope you are all healthy and safe and I look forward to seeing you all again.

From Mozlufa


Reception 2 -  Coram Class

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and finding different ways of having fun with your families.
I’ve been busy making some new superhero capes and masks. Perhaps you could make your own mask too.
Have you all been drawing? I’ve been drawing some dragons and strange flying creatures. I can see some pigeons from my window now.
I hope you are all keeping active. I found a balloon yesterday and we played a keepy-up game with it. I’ve got to go. I’m off to do Joe Wicks workout. I hope lots of you are doing it too.

Have a good day. Have as much fun as possible.

Best wishes.