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Governor's Feedback to Parents

Governor’s questionnaire feedback letter to parents/carers

Thursday 8th February 2018

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Hermitage Primary School,

Hermitage Governors are pleased to report on the results of the parent and pupil questionnaires recently distributed across the school. This is an important part of the process of self-evaluation at Hermitage, where we value your views on how well we are serving the needs of our students in their daily learning and also the needs of families in supporting their children’s learning. We plan to use the feedback to ensure we are improving the areas highlighted each year, and to recognise our staff for the positive outcomes these questionnaires highlight. The positive feedback this year points to an overall feeling of happiness, learning and well-being from both parents and students. Below we highlight key areas of success and points for development from both questionnaires.

The student questionnaire was overwhelmingly positive. 95% of students “enjoy reading”, 97% said they “learn a lot in lessons,” and 97% said “I know what I am good at in school and what I need to improve.” In fact, the only statement that received under 90% score was “Children behave well at my school”, a statement to which only 70% of students agreed. Good behaviour is central to good learning, and so this feedback highlights a concern that senior leadership and governors will keep a close eye on. However, we should note that the number of students reporting that their peers are well behaved is much higher this year than it has been in the past two years, so we acknowledge the upward trend as a good sign that the school is on track with respect to addressing this main concern of the students and we will continue to support staff in addressing this going forward.

The parent questionnaire reflected a strong vote of confidence in the school. 100% of parents said that their children enjoy learning at school. 99% said that their children are “happy at this school”. 98% said that the “teaching is good” and the environment is inclusive and welcoming to all. 95% of parents “understand and follow the school’s policy on attendance and punctuality”, which has been a priority area of school improvement to ensure students are in class and learning every day. 94% said that their children “enjoy a wide range of learning experiences,” that children are “well-looked after” and “taught to be safe”. However, parents also highlighted some areas of concern, including behaviour management (in line with what students reported), and school-parent communication, including with governors.

Hermitage governors take this feedback very seriously. We would like to congratulate our staff on the successes recognised by our families and thank the team for their hard work this year. We would also like to let families know that the feedback is being directly applied to strategic questions for school improvement in the coming months. Parent communication is always an area of focus, and we will continue to work on improving that important channel of support for our students’ learning.

We are working very hard to make Hermitage an outstanding school, a school where we can all be proud to be a member of the community. Thank you for providing the feedback that will help us deliver the best outcomes for our students, preparing them to be successful citizens in the wider community, with skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that will prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.

In response to the feedback on connecting with governors, we direct parents to find more information about Hermitage governors in the attached pamphlet and on the school website:

Hermitage Governors

The Hermitage Governing Body welcomes suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents/carers. If you would like to contact governors, you can write to the Chair of Governors, Polly Jones, via the School Office or by email:


With kind regards,

Polly Jones  

Chair of Governors, on behalf of Governors

Hermitage Primary School