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Hermitage Parimary School

Autism Acceptance Week

Autism Awareness Week 2022



This week all the children took part in Autism Acceptance week through PSHE sessions with a focus around celebrating our differences. In Nursery and Reception the children were introduced to Julia, an autistic sesame street character and learnt about the different ways they and their peers like to communicate and greet each other. In KS1 the children explored their sensory differences, in particular sounds and noises through a sensory walk around school and musical instruments.

Pupils were also invited to take part in sensory circuit which incorporated lights and water. In KS2 the children attended an assembly, lower KS2 focused on what makes them feel different emotions e.g. happy, sad/worried and what helps them and upper KS2 problem solved different ways in which to support peers through the use of scenarios created by autistic children, both in the classroom and in the playground.

The work the children have been involved in this week will come together to create an acceptance display in school. Thank you to the pupils and staff who have been teaching us all how to sign through photos and posters throughout the school and promoting how special and sensory interests can support us with our learning and social communication skills through videos, interventions and lunchtime clubs.

Thank you to all the parents who also attended our first coffee morning where we were able to share the children's learning through different interventions including Sensory PE/Circuits, Attention Bucket, Forest School, Musical Interaction and Sensory Taster (cooking). We look forwards to holding these more regularly next term.