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Hermitage Parimary School

Science Week 2022!

Science Week 2022

 British Science Week 2022 

This week has been British Science Week! The theme was ‘Growth’ which has been a very fitting theme for this time and for Hermitage. The theme of growth linked across multiple areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which the children studied and discussed during periods of the week. The children also participated in an assembly about the topic and some children were so dedicated to the cause, they gave up their lunchtime to create a poster at lunchtime Science Club! 

Poster Competition 

It was great to see the amount of effort and thoughtfulness put into children’s posters this year! Well done and congratulations to everyone that entered! 

The children voted on their favorite posters based on the following criteria: Knowledge gained from the poster; presentation, effort and relevance to the theme. 



Key Stage 1: 

1st Place – Zakariya from Moody Class, ‘The Growth of a Tree’ 

2nd Place – Mariyah from Moody Class, ‘The Growth of the Solar ‘System’ 

3rd Place – Adeline from Eddison for her poster on ‘Bird Growth’ 


Lower Key Stage 2 

1st Place – Iqra, ‘The Growth of Pandas’ 

2nd Place – Matias, ‘Frog Life Cycle’ 

3rd Place – Musa from Newton Class, ‘Plant Life Cycles’ 


Upper Key Stage 2 

1st Place – Lina from Blake Class, ‘Growing Up’ 

2nd Place - Hammad from Klint Class, ‘Types of Growth’ 

3rd Place - Inaya from Blake Class, ‘Plant Growth’