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Hermitage Parimary School

Year Three and Four sarcophagus!

This term, the Year Three and Four pupils have been working very hard in history and English, first learning about different ancient civilisations and, this half term, focusing on the Ancient Egyptians. The children are currently taking part in an exciting challenge set by the 'British Museum...' They are working hard to show how much they have learnt about the Egyptians in the hope that we will be able to host a 'real' mummy!

This week, we were VERY lucky to have Hatty, one of our amazing mums, come in and help the children to make a fabulous sarcophagus to house the mummy! It is not finished yet but we can tell that it is going to be spectacular. Thank you, Hatty - we definitely couldn't have done it without you!

Year Three and Four Sarcophagus!