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Hermitage Parimary School

Pupil Premium

Hermitage Primary School is in one of the most deprived boroughs in the country and 42% of our pupils are eligible for free school meals (FSM).

Thanks to Pupil premium funding we are able to provide a wide range of vital services, interventions and experiences to support these children and their families. 

What is the pupil premium?

The Pupil Premium is government funding which is allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM) in both mainstream and non-mainstream settings and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

The funding is used to close the gap in attainment between these two groups of pupils.

Pupil Premium Funding Summary

Hermitage 2019-20

In 2019-20 Hermitage has been allocated £128,040 Pupil Premium Grant. The aim of the pupil premium funding is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to reach their potential and to increase social mobility.  

What are the key issues to be addressed for pupil premium children at Hermitage?

  • Limited access to wider cultural and life experiences
  • Language and PSED skills low on entry to school
  • Expressive and discursive language skills remaining low
  • Low or unrealistic parental aspirations
  • Overcrowded housing with little access to study or exercise space.
  • Regular attendance at school

Our aims are;

  • to accelerate learning in maths and reading for children at risk of not making expected progress  through targeted maths and English support
  •  to provide Learning mentor support for focus children
  • To provide support with language acquisition and early literacy skills  
  • To provide support for parents to  build parenting and learning support  skills 
  • To provide transition support for vulnerable children KS2-3
  • To provide learning mentor and attendance officer  support with attendance
  • To provide access to residential, cultural and sporting enrichment activities.

Specific Objectives and outcomes

To develop and sustain progress in Maths for pupil premium children

  • Maths and reading catch up intervention run by TAs for focus PP children
  • Maths booster for HA PP Y6
  • Accelerated progress in maths and reading for  focus PP children
  • Y6 PP pupils achieve ARE in SATS
  • Children confident in place value, operations and number facts
  • Pupil premium outcomes in line with or better than peers



0.5 TA support x6      6x £11605    £69,633

Y6 Booster   20x £30                      £600


Total                                                    £70,233


End of KS1 SATs-Y2 (National figures in brackets.)


  • Reading   Expected Hermitage 73% (75)   FSM 58% NFSM 78%

                Greater depth Hermitage 20 % (26) FSM 11% NFSM 14%    


  • Writing   Expected Hermitage 71% (68)   FSM 67% NFSM 72%

               Greater depth Hermitage 14 % (16) FSM 8% NFSM 16%


  • Maths     Expected Hermitage 80% (76)   FSM 67% NFSM 84%

               Greater depth Hermitage 18 % (22) FSM 8% NFSM 22%


  • RWM combined Expected Hermitage 66% (60)   FSM 50% NFSM 72%

               Greater depth Hermitage 14% (12) FSM 8% NFSM 16%


End of KS 2 assessments- Y 6


  • Reading Expected Hermitage 78% (75)   FSM 83% NFSM 71%

               Greater depth Hermitage 22 % (28) FSM 22% NFSM 21%


  • Writing Expected Hermitage 84% (78) FSM 83% NFSM 86%

              Greater depth Hermitage 24% (20) FSM 26% NFSM 21%


  • GPS   Expected Hermitage 84% (77)   FSM 83% NFSM 86%

           Greater depth Hermitage 30% (34) FSM 30% NFSM 29%


  • Maths Expected Hermitage 92% (76)   FSM 96% NFSM 86%

            Greater depth Hermitage 35% (24) FSM 39% NFSM 29%


  • Reading, writing and Maths combined 

Expected Hermitage 73% (64) FSM 574 NFSM 71%

Greater depth Hermitage 8% (12) FSM 4% NFSM 14%


 To provide speech and language support intervention programmes to accelerate language acquisition  for PP children

  • Small group phonics intervention In Reception
  • 1:1 reading support in Reception and Y1 to support gaps in fluency and comprehension
  • Nursery nurse home visits and parental support
  • Nursery nurse additional literacy and speech and language  support


  • Close gaps in understanding and application of Phonics
  • Structured reading support for pupils to close gaps in fluency and comprehension
  • Increased working vocabulary
  • Increased expressive vocabulary
  • Increased confidence in participating in discussions
  • Parents helped to  support speech and language development and early literacy skills


 Reception TA support 0.5                   £11605

Nursery nurse   0.5                               £15,000

Total                                                           £26,605 


 GLD PP 67% non PP 80% 

 To provide support for pupil premium parents

  • build parenting skills  through “Strengthening families , strengthening communities” programme
  • Provide weekly workshops to upskill parents in reading , writing and maths support
  • provide learning mentor and attendance officer  support with attendance
  • Parents upskilled to support children
  • Parents have greater understanding of the acquisition of and development of language, literacy and maths knowledge and skills.
  •  Parents supported to ensure that pupils attend regularly and punctually


  SFSC tutor                                 £390

AWA                                           £3050

Total                                          £ 3440  

To provide access to residential and cultural enrichment activities.


  • Subsidised provision of Y6 residential
  • Subsidised provision of French residential
  • Subsidised provision of French day trips
  • Subsidised provision of curriculum trips


  • Subsidised access to after school clubs


  •  Magdalene college Cambridge project
  • Greater understanding of and participating in the wider community nationally and beyond
  • Children proactive and engaged in wider learning opportunities
  • Children more confident and higher self esteem
  • Children have broader cultural knowledge to aid comprehension and understanding in literacy , science and humanities
 Raised aspirations

 Total costs


French residential                                 £2000

French day trip                                      £300

Y6 residential                                         £2000

Curriculum trips                                     £5000

After school clubs subsidy                   £1000

 Total                                                           £10,300

 To provide emotional support and mentoring for  vulnerable PP children

  • KS2- 3 transition support
  • Mentoring in class or in withdrawal sessions
  • Parental support



Learning Mentor  KS2 3x£150                      £450

 Learning mentor support                            £7,000


 Total                                                                   £7450

To provide full time Nursery places for Vulnerable PP children

  • Subsidise FT nursery places for vulnerable PP children
Total                                                        £10,000
Total                                                    £128,028