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Hermitage Parimary School


The staff at Hermitage are...

Senior Leadership team:

Sophie Alcock - Headteacher

Karen Attard - Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Lead

Preet Serai - Deputy Headteacher; Teaching, Learning and Assessment Lead

Rachel Wild - Assistant Headteacher and English Lead

Phase Leaders:

Michael Williams - Years 5 and 6

Kael Long - Years 3 and 4 

Kristan Harper - Years 1 and 2 

Olivia Hoban - EYFS.


We love learning about new things, so every year, the class names are changed and we choose an inspiring and creative theme.

This year our theme is 'People whose ideas, inventions and innovations have helped to make this world a better place.'

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery - Marley Class

Olivia and Celia teach this class, supported by nursery nurses Fatema, Shaina and Deka

Reception - Leonardo Class

Mariam teaches this class, supported by Runa A

Claire and Olga provide inclusion support. 

Reception - Da Vinci Class

Annabelle teaches this class, supported by Jakira.

Maria providing inclusion support. 

Key Stage 1

Year 1 - Edison Class

Mozlufa teaches this class, supported by Danielle

Year 1 - Earhart Class

Shuzena teaches this class, supported by Abdul (HLTA)

Year 2 - Wangari Class

Micah teaches this class, supported by Shahnaz (HLTA)

Year 2 - Moody class

Kristan teaches this class, supported by Hasna

Farhana and Pearl provide inclusion support.

Key Stage 2

Year 3 - Newton class 

Nargis teaches this class, supported by Sanam (HLTA). 

Year 3/4 - Wonder class

Jack teaches this class, supported by Ambiya (HLTA). 

Year 4 - Parsons class

Kael teaches this class,

Wollette providing inclusion support. 

Year 5 - Shelley class

Emily teaches this class

Asma providing inclusion support

Year 5/6 - Blake class

Toby teaches this class, supported by Rubena (HLTA)

Ellie provides inclusion support

Year 6 - af Klint class

Michael teaches this class, supported by Runa B (HLTA)                                              

Specialist Teachers

Hermitage has specialist teachers for French, Music and PE. We also have two Learning Mentors, who provide support across the school. 

Nathalie - French. 

Tom - PE.

Iveta - lunchtime sports and fitness.

Afla teaches African drumming.

Pranay and Raffy teach LKS2 Glockenspiel.

Justin teaches UKS2 steel pans. 

Shorif Ahmed - Learning Mentor and Play Centre Manager

Tracey Pace - Learning Mentor and Parent Liaison Officer

Office and Premises team: 

Tanya Matin - Office Manager

Yasmeen Patel - Office Assistant

Rebekah Thoma - Office Assistant

Susan Packham - Bursar

Patric Sherwin - Premises Manager

John Lovett - Interim Premises Manager