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Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 - Ero Class

Buenas dias Ero Class,

I hope you are staying safe and showing your family your best learning. Remember to read every single day and when learning from home, I hope you are using all the great learning resources we use at school such as the magpie books, arithmetic tests and doing some form of writing, like a diary entry as often as possible. 

I can't wait until we return to school. I hope you have learnt some new skills or have some interesting facts to share with me. I have been continuing to learn Spanish, I'm working out daily, writing reports, reading stories, playing games and watching my nephews grow from afar. I have been watering our plant - Ero - too.

P.S I'm stuck on the final exam of the Master level on Math 24. If you have the solution for that level and the solutions for any level beyond, write it down and hand them to me when we return please. Gracias.



Year 5/6 - Baez Class

Dear Baez Class,

I hope that you are all coping well during these unusual times. Remember to keep both your mind and body active, even though you’re spending days indoors! Use the time to find a new passion: Greek mythology, astronomy, still life painting… anything that excites and interests you! We’ve given you some ideas of some creative projects for you to get your teeth stuck into. You’re going to need to be good self-managers during this period, but you are all such fantastic learners that I know you can do it. Get yourselves a routine; be self-disciplined; and get learning!  I’m looking forward to seeing all your faces when we’re back at school.

Stay safe everyone.



Year 6 - Gorbachev Class

Hello there, Year 6 Gorbachev Class,

What a strange time we find ourselves living in! I hope you are all adapting to this new way of life, for the moment. Last week it all seemed so strange to me, but now I am accepting that this is the new norm for the time being. I hope you are all well and are looking after yourselves and your families. Also, I miss you all and have been thinking of the great times we have had this year at Hermitage, particularly when we all dressed-up as Victorians for the day and when you recited your World War One poems! 

During the last two weeks, I trust you have been enjoying the online tasks from the school website.  But with all this extra time on your hands, I hope you have been able to practise new skills too and follow your interests. Some of you decided that you would like to practise sewing, plant seeds, cook, learn a new language and even help out with the housework!  It is definitely the perfect time to start a new hobby. 

Whilst at home, I have been juggling school work with looking after Amelie.  At the moment, she loves running …everywhere (yes, she has truly found her feet) and looking out for birds, especially magpies. She also has a plastic tea-set which she has been using to host afternoon tea with her teddy bears and dolls.  Another activity she enjoys is making mud pies and throwing stones into a bucket of water!  Also, here are her current favourite phrases: “Oh dear!”, “In a minute”, “Oh ohhhhhh!” and “High five!”

For my own pastime, I have been jogging every-other day for just under five kilometres (around 3 miles) to the soundtrack of Rocky 1 (very motivating); this is a longer distance than I usually run. I have found a circular route and I find having this time out of the house, to just run and feel the breeze, has really helped to lift my mood and re-energise me. So, I plan to keep this fitness regime up – you must hold me to this! Oh, I have also been taking part in some of Joe Wicks’ PE sessions too – I particularly love the bunny/kangaroo jumps! Next I need to experience Oti Mabuse’s online dance classes - next week I shall be tuning in!

Finally, I want to wish you all a wonderful Easter with plenty of chocolate eggs!  Make the most of your time with your family, pursue a new interest and read for pleasure.

Best wishes,